Plastic Food Waste Photography
Published on: January 4th, 2019
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Food P
Los Angeles, United States
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“Whether I’m walking the streets of Los Angeles, London, or Warsaw, I run into people sipping lattes from plastic cups, using plastic straws. Men and women alike exit restaurants in droves carrying plastic to-go boxes. Grocery stores beautifully display sliced fruits, vegetables, and meats shielded by plastic containers and covers. Subway stations and other public areas are perpetually battling refuse. Plastic garbage cans fill to the brim with more plastic. When you take some time to notice your surrounding, it’s hard not to feel as though we’re drowning in plastic. Please read about BTS for this project here:

Please read about BTS for this project here:

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Food Creative: Food P

Focus Areas: Food Styling Food Styling Props Food Styling Set

Creative Styles: Rustic Editorial

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