The ingredients that go into Phoode are simple: a dollop of creativity, a dash of entrepreneurship, and, of course, experience in the business to round out the dish. In fact, that's how this recipe came to be. After years of working on the creative side of the industry and amassing a portfolio of provisions, the concept of a virtual platform that connects food creatives with those who are in need of food content arose inside the mind of Marta Fowlie, aka Food Polka. The idea just clicked, and Phoode was born.

As a creative and sociologist in one, Marta has always possessed interest in the human response to food visuals, especially images that not only look delicious but also educate, entertain, communicate, and tell important social stories. She realized that food is in the midst of a revolution and an awakening where people are embracing the visual power of dining. Sure, potatoes have pretty eyes and carrots look good in orange, but Phoode is about more than that. After all, food is about more than taste or look. It's about culture, family, friendship, comfort, health, fun, and love.

As the Creative Food Officer at Phoode, Marta wanted to cook up a new way of acquiring and promoting food visuals. She wanted to offer something that made quality food photography and food-related visual content more affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. She wanted to provide a platform that was organized and standardized, and that gave talented but under-represented creatives like photographers, designers, and illustrators, a chance to show off their talents.

Phoode is about merging curiosity with ingenuity to offer an original, educated, pragmatic, and
systematic approach to the production of food visuals. The end result is a one-stop-shop where both
food handling businesses and creatives can find what they are after. Phoode offers everyone a seat
at the table
and connects creative lovers of food, photographers, stylists, designers, and creative
directors based on their need or budget. We are serving professional content and representation to
clients on a silver platter in a manner that's highly convenient! All available and relevant physical
and digital creative resources and supplies are neatly organized, explained, and displayed
on our site. Just dig in!

At Phoode, you will find everything – a rare talent, a food
photographer serving up affordable prices, a once in a lifetime shot
or idea, a feast of variety. We are designed to be a concept-to-final
product platform
with everything in between. You will not be left
hungry for more.