2 Staples of Successful Content Marketing in the Food and Beverage Industry

If your content does not:

1. Educate

2. Entertain

Do not do it.

Educate or entertain, it’s that simple. Otherwise, it’s the worst!

In the fast-paced world of content marketing, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, the need for purposeful and meaningful content has never been more critical. The mantra is simple: If your content does not educate or entertain, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider your approach.

Now, here’s the scoop from someone knee-deep in collaborations with food and beverage companies and marketers. There’s this common misconception – everyone’s gung-ho about flaunting visually stunning food and beverage products, placing them on meticulously designed, aesthetically pleasing pedestals. But here’s the kicker: just looking pretty or perfectly designed doesn’t guarantee value for the customer. It might make the creators happy, but beyond that creative bubble, it’s a snooze-fest for the consumer. I mean, who’s thinking, “Wow, this set around the product is so cool and meticulously designed”? Most folks are just scrolling through, completely unimpressed. Time for a rethink, right?

Let’s address the two fundamental pillars of successful content marketing: education and entertainment.

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Educate: The making of Panettone. the Pasticceria Martesana workshop. once the panettone is cooked, must cool down upside down for hours. this must be done quite fast.


So, when talking about your mouth-watering product, don’t just show off how pretty or cool its packaging is. Let people in on the behind-the-scenes culinary magic! Tell them the story of how it was born – share the passion, the struggles, and the heart you put into it.

For instance, imagine you’re a small-batch hot sauce maker. Share the journey of sourcing unique chili peppers, experimenting with flavor profiles, and perfecting the recipe. Maybe it all started because you couldn’t find a hot sauce with the right kick – your product became the spicy solution.

Or perhaps you’re in the craft brewery scene. Talk about your love for the art of brewing, the experimentation with hops and malts, and the joy of crafting a unique beer that represents your cultural roots.

Here’s the deal – your story has to be authentic and personal. If it’s not, people are gonna be scratching their heads, wondering what’s so special about your hot sauce or beer and why they should pay an extra price. Beautiful displays are cool, but they won’t do the selling for you.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Show ‘Em How It’s Made: Educate your audience on the nitty-gritty details. How did you whip up that fantastic hot sauce or brew that unique beer? What went on in your mind and heart during the process?
  2. Problem-Solving Magic: Got answers to common questions or issues in the food and beverage world? Share them! Not only does this build trust, but it also makes you the go-to guru in the eyes of your audience.

Remember, it’s not just about grabbing attention once with a flashy package and the stage it’s set on. If people don’t get what makes your hot sauce or beer unique, they might buy it once, but are they coming back for round two? Doubtful.


Let’s talk entertainment – do people even remember what that word means? We’re not just talking about catching their eye; we want to hit them right in the taste buds. Make them crave your flavors, spark their curiosity about your ingredients, and hey, maybe even throw in a little chuckle, excitement, or a dash of fear factor! We’re going for the full emotional spectrum here because emotions are like the secret weapon for our food and beverage marketers. Crack a joke, be a little controversial!

Think about a fun video series where you showcase creative and hilarious ways to use your hot sauce, or share amusing stories from behind the scenes in your brewery. Create content that stirs emotions and makes your brand memorable in their minds.

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Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and be “outrageous”.

And hey, forget the Hollywood budget drama. You don’t need it. Grab a basic camera, get a storytelling wizard on board, and trust me, that can be more powerful than a million-dollar production. Successful content marketing connects with your customers through humor and relatable stuff that highlights the unique aspects of your hot sauce or beer – that’s the smart move.

The secret sauce to successful content marketing in the food and beverage world lies in its ability to educate about the culinary journey or entertain with flavorsome tales. By adopting this principle, brands can position themselves as not just sellers but trusted guides to gastronomic delights.

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