Audrey Marie B
Albany, United States
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Food / Beverage Photographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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My photography journey began with a beauty and lifestyle blog I created in 2014. I dove head first into making it a success, but along the way I discovered I was much more passionate about the photography than the actual blogging itself. Eventually the blog fell by the wayside, but my desire to keep pressing the shutter button stayed. Before pursuing my photography business full time, I worked as a digital marketing manager. From running $25K ad campaigns for car dealerships, to managing email campaigns and over digital marketing experience is vast. It’s these experiences that have helped me understand my client’s needs for professional photography that makes an impact in a digital space and produces a positive ROI. I’ve worked with brands such as Death Wish Coffee, and JK Adams and have had my worked featured in the Wall Street Journal, Edible, and numerous local publications.
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