Eric B
West Hollywood, United States
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Director / Food / Beverage Photographer / Food Video / Cinematographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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My love for food began at a young age, when my grandfather would make biscuits every morning. The prep, baking, the smell and of course the taste of homemade biscuits rightfully planted a seed of lifelong love of food in me. As I got older my visual artistic side flourished and then came my love of photography. Naturally I melded the two and photographing food became one of my life passions. Whether its a full table spread, a single dish or an intimate view of a single bite. I want the viewers mouth to water, the eyes to desire and the smell to come through the screen or off the paper. Tantalizing and urging the viewer to find your food. This help bring in those new customers while refreshing your brand for those who have known you and your outstanding food. Lets create some amazing content together for your customers and find those that didn't even know they needed you!
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