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I've been a food blogger since 2008. Sharing family recipes at first, then branching out into getting out of me being SUPER picky about foods. I started trying new vegetables figuring out different ways of making them and it's changed my life! I now love TONS more food, I've expanded into other cuisines and I love trying new recipes. I started Instagram about 4 years ago - and now I have over 26,000 followers. I make easy and healthy recipes - I follow Weight Watchers, so most of my posts I include points for the program. The community I've built has been amazing - I have friends all over the world who are my biggest cheerleaders and support! I get hundred of Direct messages every day - with either recipe questions, or just to say hello and wishing me a great day! I have done sponsored posts over the last few years, and I'm looking to branch out more into that.

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