Kalli W
Denver, United States
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Food Illustrator / Food / Beverage Photographer / Food Video / Cinematographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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Hello! My name is Kalli, and I have a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography. I have been shooting since I was little and have been focusing on restaurant photography for about 3 years now. I have also worked in various roles in the restaurant industry for 10 years, experience that allows me to thoughtfully depict the food and culture accurately and uniquely.
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Food/Restaurant Photographer


Denver, United States

2022-02 - current

Photographer, Web and Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Manager

Parts & Service Charcoal Grill

Nelson, New Zealand, United States

2018-11 - 2019-12

Photographer, Designer

Photosynthesis Creative Studio

Denver, United States

2019-05 - current

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