Martin G
Denver, United States
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Designer / Food Illustrator / Food / Beverage Photographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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My first half of my working life, I worked up to head chef and later general manager for such companies as Outback Steakhouse and Chipotle. I was also a high end Chef for Tony's Meats and Deli where I made decorative deli displays and pre-prepared gourmet food items that sold for up to $50 a lb. Later on I achieved my degree in graphic design. I began working directly out of school for a national sportswear company where I worked with well known ski resorts, colleges, destination resorts and golf courses that included Vail Ski resorts, Legoland, Portland Thorns and more. I have a passion for finding creative solutions for difficult problems and love learning about new niches. I run my own home studio in which you will find me engaged in Digital Audio and Visual projects. (I'm also a musician that is great at custom background tracks). I look forward to meeting you!

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