Melissa S
Morristown, NJ, United States
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Culinary Artist / Food / Beverage Stylist / Food Video / Cinematographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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A Culinary Video Producer & Food Stylist dedicated to crafting engaging video content for brands, most recently leaning into the world of social media. With previous experience as a Pastry Chef, I transitioned from restaurants to the digital space, creating a blog which merged my love for pastry and desire to connect with others through the beauty of food. This shift allowed me to focus on food writing, photography, and video content creation. Since then, I’ve produced creative & innovative culinary content for e-commerce, marketing & social media platforms, including a complete build-out of Guided Cooking - an app integrated recipe experience for the ChefiQ product line. My strengths lie in Food Styling, UGC, Recipe Development, Menu Development & more. Can't wait to connect!
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