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DaNang, Vietnam
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Born and bred in Australia. I am a chef with over 20 years of experience in the food industry, with a degree in Journalism. I have been based in Vietnam for the past ten years, living breathing Vietnamese food, culture, and lifestyle, working as a freelance food journalist, tour guide, and food content writer. I made a career change some time ago and decided to use my experience in restaurants, catering, hotels, and world travel to become a food, travel, and content writer. I have been writing and filming for myself and others now for the past five years, and have been published in a number of different magazines and platforms. I enjoy writing articles about cuisines, I have had experience with around the world, including Australian, Asian, European, and North American. I have a passion for writing about all aspects of food. Including recipe creation, kitchen equipment reviews, search engine optimization, restaurant reviews, food descriptions, ethnic cuisines, street
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