Rachel R
Alameda, United States
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Food / Beverage Photographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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I capture in the moment, emotive and important details for my clients. My goal is to have each image tell a story, and answer the question of "why is this relevant." I've collaborated with a variety of women such as fitness instructors, food bloggers, and small business owners for their personal branding. I also work with the dancers and models of RAE Agency for their portfolio and lifestyle images. The pre-planning is just as important to me as the actual photo shoot day. We’ll design a shot list, create a mood board, and plan the details so that we all have a clear idea of what to expect on the day of our shoot. This includes a discussion of my editing style, color/tone choices you need for your brand, as well as deciding on the type of lighting i.e. studio vs on location, or a mix of both. If you would like to start on the path to showing your personal journey through beautiful images, then let's connect with a free consultation.
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