Rebecca W
Durban, South Africa
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Culinary Artist / Food / Beverage Stylist
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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Food styling to me is the celebration of the idea that food is eaten with the eyes first. I love the emotive power of food and how it has the ability to bring people together, tell a story & evoke memories. On my journey, have learnt what it takes to bring vibrant and delicious food narratives to life. Core strengths lie in: • Concept-based work - the challenge of bringing a client’s brief to fruition in a bold and strategic way • Simple and tasty recipe development • Styling contemporary stills or sumptuous video footage • Meticulous project planning, attention to detail and mindful curation • Honouring the food and product first and foremost Styling and producing emotive food content is more than what I do… It’s what I live for.
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