Sasha D
Atlanta, United States
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Food Illustrator / Food / Beverage Photographer / Food / Beverage Stylist
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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My mother never told me not to play with my food, so I made a career of it! ???? I really enjoy food photography. I first photographing as a Newspaper journalist in high school, and capturing the lunchroom foods was my favorite. Years later, I now possess undergrads in Psychology, Art, and Communications. With a Master's in Visual Communications, and several degrees and certifications in various photography areas, including food styling. I absolutely love photography the most. I love capturing the moment within something and giving it a voice. ???? I have worked with companies like DoorDash, WeWork, Google, UberEats, Grubhub, Regis Hotel, Booking dot com, AirBnB, Hertz, Giggster, Ethan Allen, Bring-A-Trailer, and more. I have worked alongside several different restaurants designing menus, food webdesign, Director of Photography for commercial shoots, brand design, food design, and product psychology.
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Food Photographer & Stylist/ Resturant and Commercial Photographer


Atlanta, GA, United States

2018-11 - current

Food Photographer & Stylist/ Resturant and Commercial Photographer


Atlanta, Ga, United States

2018-11 - current

Architectural, Commercial & Real Estate Photographer

WeWork Inc.

Various Locations, United States

2019-04 - current

Street Photographer/Resturant & Food Photographer

Various Locations, United States

2021-01 - current

Architecture/360 certified/& Street Photographer


Various Locations, United States

2015-06 - current



Various Locations, United States

2017-02 - current

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