Tanya M
Nairobi, Kenya
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Culinary Artist / Food / Beverage Stylist / Food Writer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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I have been a culinary artist for the last four years as it has always been my fundamental belief is that food is an art . I have dedicated my life to the art of food and my passion over the years has extended into other ways of expressing the art of food , that is food styling , food writing , photography , recipe & menu development. My technical background is in French technique both gourmet & Patisserie. Molecular gastronomy has also been a world I like to dabble in as I get to combine my passion for science and art in one . Furthermore I am also passionate & intrigued about the world of wellness & nutrition . This led me to pursue my studies in Holistic Nutrition, as I wanted to understand the functions of mind body soul in relation to nutrition and how to keep the body in a state of wellness. I am well versed in various food areas . I look forward to taking on some projects and applying my skill .
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