Boozy Suckers
Published on: March 17th, 2023
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Dennis B
Louisville, United States
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All of the backgrounds came from different colored papers that I sourced. Then I used a grid to light the backgrounds. The trickiest part was the suckers themselves. They were translucent, some more so than others, so I had to use a card to make sure the colors stayed accurate. That was an issue with some of their earlier reviews when the client shot things themselves. For one of the flavors I did use a red gel with an orange background to create a new color to help differential two very similarly colored suckers that had different flavors. It was a low budget project for a lady who is making them on her own. I wanted to give her work as if she was a much much bigger brand. I love helping out the little guys! Plus I thought the concept was fun and I loved the group shot. It almost reminded me of balloons with the sky background - another cheaply sourced paper that hopefully looked better than what I paid for it.

Boozey infused suckers for a local, small, start-up. Challenge was how do you shoot something that's top-heavy, on a stick and translucent? I came up with the idea of showcasing the booze-infused suckers in a cocktail shaker. It highlighted what makes them unique and made for a pretty sweet visual.

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