Door Dash Photoshoots
Published on: January 7th, 2021
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Sean C
Los Angeles, United States
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Here you will find a few of my favorite shots from my experience shooting for DoorDash. I have been shooting for DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Postmates for the last couple of years but 2020 brought a lot of my other opportunities to a crashing halt, except for in this one area. Food Photography. With the huge rise in food delivery services, the food photography industry asked for creators to step to the plate. The biggest lesson learned in 2020 was to use all of your skills to the best of your abilities and you never know where that next opportunity may arise. Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations. Enjoy

La Michoacana Helados Mexican Ice Cream Favorites

Agra Frescas

Caramel Iced Tea

Classic Milk Tea (with Brown Sugar and Boba

Cold Press Homemade Juices


Sushi Hero Shot

Impossible Burger

La Fresona

Orange Sencha Organic Tea

Puntip Sampler

Unagi Don

I have learned so much about lighting and composition with food photography. I have experienced some amazing challenges. One of the things about these photoshoots is you never know what the space is going to look like until you arrive at the restaurant. I learned to go prepared for anything. I made sure that I had several light sources, lots of accessories, and various backdrops. The challenges were what made these shoots exciting for me. I thoroughly enjoyed each shoot and encounter with the restaurants. Excited for what 2021 offers.

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