KROGER Private Selections TV spot
Published on: December 7th, 2021
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Jeff B
Cincinnati, OHIO, United States
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Food Video / Cinematographer
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KROGER Private Selections YTV commercial. I shot this spot [BOTH the table top & live action/life style], Jim Walters directed. Beautiful photography wraps this TV spot for Kroger's house brand PRIVATE SELECTIONS. We had a gorgeous day to shoot, a wonderful location, super great director & crew AND my SWEET Super Baltar primes :-) Shot in Portland.

We wanted a bright & happy environment with people enjoying food....the location had ample windows and we scheduled this shoot around the solar path of the sun...I used my vintage Super Baltar prime lenses to capture these moments and these beautiful lenses smooth out the digital feel of modern cameras AND present an incredible lens flare and veiling!! Loved working these attributes into the photography!

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