Coolbox worked with our Visual Engineering pals G6 Moco and Kit Gurus Pro Motion Hire to help spread our Noods all over the internet. Send Noods combines G6’s motion control arms (Stealth and Raptor), with Pro Motion’s newest high speed monster, the Phantom VEO4K camera; capable of capturing 1000 frames per second of slow mo goodness (that’s 40x slower than real life, to you and me). Our aim was to capture the entire process of making a delicious noodley stir fry in just 5 seconds. No problem, eh? Using hydraulic pistons, blow torches, some questionable knife skills and a whole-lotta elbow grease and late nights we’re pleased to say we just about managed it.

We recently won the 'Food Short Film' prize at the Pink Lady Food Photography of the Year Awards for 'Send Noods'

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