Adam D
Vancouver, Canada
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Food / Beverage Photographer / Food / Beverage Stylist / Food Video / Cinematographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent
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Hello! I am a Content Creator who has been in the creative industry for the past 6+ years. Originally in Animation, my love for creating took on new mediums, both Photography and Videography. ​ I have visited quite a few countries around the world and lived in a couple as well. Scotland being one of them. While living there, my love for craft beverages became intertwined with my love for creating. I began taking photos of Craft Cocktails and Spirits for companies and this became my niche. Aside from shooting craft drinks and enjoying them as well, I love being outside and getting into nature. Whenever possible, I pack up the car and head out camping for a weekend or even get out for the odd hike.
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