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New York, United States
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Lucy Schaeffer was a photo editor at Food & Wine magazine before starting her own commercial photography practice in 2007. She brings years of experience to every shoot but also still gets excited about each plate of food in front of her camera. She loves to experiment with different lighting and effects but is known for her easy natural daylight look and loose/un-fussy food. Lucy has shot over 50 cookbooks and this year released the first book of her own, School Lunch, Unpacking Our Shared Stories, a collection of school lunch memories from 70 celebs and diverse subjects from around the globe. Lucy's clients include Starbucks, Chipotle, Applegate, Triscuit, Campbell's, Organic Girl, Delish, The Food Network, Martha Stewart, and The New York Times. She lives just outside of NYC with her husband and two girls. During the pandemic, Lucy has also started doing her own food styling for some shoots in her home studio and loves that new creative challenge.
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