Celebrating “Food Photography & Lighting” Book 10th Anniversary with the author Teri Campbell. Now & Then.

Teri Campbell is the creative lead for Teri Studios – a destination for consumer packaged goods companies, restaurants, beverage, and food-related businesses seeking original photography and motion work for advertising and packaging. He worked with iconic brands like Kellogg’sBaskin RobbinsMaker’s Mark, Kraft-Heinz, KFC, and Jimmy John’s. Teri has been named one of the best advertising photographers in the world by Archive Magazine and called a lighting master by PDN. He is also the author of the book: “Food Photography and Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Images.”

Phoode hosted a live conversation with Teri who’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of his book “Food Photography & Lighting”.
We elaborated on “what’s changed” within the food photography market since the book was published.

Some of the subjects we discussed:
– The rise of content creation.
– Photographers becoming cinematographers and directors.
– Software and camera advancement – including AI- Teri’s new fav subject 😉
– New marketing challenges.
– Changes in the creative process.
– Rise of YouTube as a learning resource.

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