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MBN Creative is an Award Winning full service branding & packaging creative firm. We specialize in partnering with new and existing food and beverage brands We’re a team dedicated to creating packaging that gets noticed whether on the shelves of retail or in the digital space. We focus on attention to detail and the UX of the package, it’s all in the details. Omni Channel UX: Visual Tactile Interactive We have and will continue to push the preverbal envelope by embellishing packaging with a variety of specialized treatments and effects to not only make it a feast for the eyes but a bevy of emotional connection to the touch as well as an engaging mix of interactive digital offerings. MBN Creative successfully crafts branding & packaging solutions for many household names in the marketplace today. “You may not know us… But you’ve seen us” We have wonderful clients in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Beverly Hills to New York and everywhere in between
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