The Bad Stuff Extra Añejo Tequila
Published on: February 6th, 2023
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Hector G
Anaheim, United States
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We partnered with The Bad Stuff Tequila to refresh an amazing extra añejo "sipping tequila" This extra ordinary product is aged 3 years minimum in a virgin French oak barrel. I knew it required extra ordinary packaging. So the experience didn't stop at design refresh, we actually created something very unique in printing the labels on Agave Paper (the actual agave fiber from the agave plants was meticulously hand crafted into printable paper) This very limited edition was printed using 4/C Process and Gold Embossing. The label is fibrous and tactile to the touch. We were intentional about evoking a multitude of senses from Visual to Touch, Smell and Taste. The Bad Stuff Extra Añejo Tequila was featured in the VIP swag bags at the Golden Globes the day after it was printed. The bottle was made from recycled glass, the lid was made from wood and 2 labels and hand tag were made from the Agave Fiber. This product is so special and unique that 2 of my best friend and I invested and are now shareholders.

We worked directly with 2 legends who are now lifelong friends, Mr George Molsbarger (legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist) and Mr Felipe Soto Mares (3rd generation Master Distiller).

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