Sniffin Griffin's BBQ Sauce "A Warren G Production"
Published on: February 6th, 2023
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Hector G
Anaheim, United States
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First of all collaborating with triple platinum recording artist Mr Warren G was such a special treat. From the onset, Warren was such a great collaborator and provided all of the details required to make such a successful package refresh. From the Visual Appeal of the Long Beach Cityscape printed in Silver Foil to the Matte Soft Touch Lamination to the Unique Spotify Link (so you can listen to Warren's personal curated playlist) to the aroma of peach notes when you twist the cap off and finally to the delicious and savory BBQ sauce. It's been stated that evoking 3 senses in memorable, 5 is unforgettable! Well we hit 5 senses with this incredible product. In order to resonate with his millions of fans we also changed 2 of his flavor names to 2 of his hit records. Hot was changed to "We Brings Heat" and Smokey was changed to "Smoking me Out" I've personally seen his fans go nuts after reading his flavor names and hitting that Spotify link on the label to hear his playlist.

Mr Warren G is a True Gentleman and Family man and friend who adores his family. Even though he maintains a busy schedule while recording or performing on tour he always finds time to stop off unannounced with his BBQ rig at a park and feeds all the children there.

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