Rose Noir Hot Chocolate Bomb
Published on: April 25th, 2022
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Ricardo M
Los Angeles, United States
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Food / Beverage Photographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent

My client is regularly looking for ideas on how to promote her new items and in this case, we wanted to create an image that was very attention grabbing to promote her hot chocolate bombs that she sells seasonally. She was very impressed seeing how the concept came to life and it was very unique compared to the work we had done previously.

Explaining the process and final result to a client beforehand can be difficult when they have very limited experience with photographers, so I always like to have the client on site when possible so they can view and approve everything as it is happening, as well as provide feedback. As we started styling and getting a few test shots, my client gained a much better understanding of how the final image would look. Most of the images I shoot involve compositing in Photoshop, so I try my best to give clients an understanding of my thought process and my overall plan while we are still working on the shoot.

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