Robert Mondavi Winery
Published on: July 1st, 2022
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Timothy H
Los Angeles, United States
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Director / Food / Beverage Photographer / Food Video / Cinematographer
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Food Creatives / Artists / Talent

The Goal Traditionally, Robert Mondavi Winery has appealed to a more mature customer base. In an effort to bring back the perception of Mondavi as a premium, innovative brand, the winemaker wanted to appeal to younger clientele who had an appreciation for art, fashion and the finer things. The goal of the project was to establish an aesthetic that appealed to their targeted audience and instill lifestyle elements into the imagery without taking the attention away from the product itself. The Challenge An industry leader in luxury wines, Mondavi is often associated with a more mature audience and unable to connect to a wider audience when portrayed visually. The client wanted to make sure that the viewer could picture themselves as a consumer of their wines. As a luxury product photographer, our challenge was to take a major departure from traditional wine cliches and create an entirely new, modern wine aesthetic. It had to feel premium and ownable. The Approach Our team needed to bring out the underlying feeling of the new range of wines that was both luxurious and classy, yet modern and relatable. We focused on creating beautiful settings combined with amazingly shot product to serve as both lifestyle and product photography for the campaign. Results The visuals spoke for themselves. The success of this project and the entire campaign led to an ongoing relationship given our ability to convey RMW's direction and need to retain their brand essence while br

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