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New York, United States
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Marilinda Hodgdon is a legendary New York-based food stylist and chef. She has freelanced for the top food and beverage corporations, ad agencies, TV production companies, magazines, websites and photographers all over the world since 1978. Her iconic work can be seen in just about every ad medium known to man & woman. By 16 years of age, Marilinda was already the Head Cook at a Mom & Pop Italian restaurant, Mamma Mia’s, in Ocean City, NJ during her summers and weekends, during the school year. After earning her BFA in ceramic and metal sculpture at the University of Georgia, she did her graduate work at California State University and taught ceramics at night. Marilinda then serendipitously stumbled into owning and operating her own home renovation company in Los Angeles. It was while she was renovating a house that her eye for detail, dexterity, and creativity caught the eye of the owner, Justine Frank, a premiere veteran food stylist who asked Marilinda to become her assistant.
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Marilinda Hodgdon Visual Designs Inc

New York, United States

1978-08 - current

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